Medical Specialist Regina Moritz




Studied human medicine in Heidelberg
Medical intern in thoracic surgery, Heidelberg Thoracic Clinic
Medical specialist training in anesthesia in Heidelberg Thoracic Clinic and the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive-Care Medicine of the University of Heidelberg

Medical specialist in anesthesiology since January 1998

Competence in the Emergency Medical Service
MBA International Hospital Management
Operating Theatre Management (BDA/DGAI/MZSG)
Specialist training authorization for 18 months – field of anesthesiology – in the context of work in Sankt Elisabeth Hospital, together with all her specialist colleagues, since February 1998

In her own practice since 1998:

Approved as a Medical Specialist in Anesthesiology by KV (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists) Nordbaden in January 1998
Has worked with the Sankt Elisabeth Hospital as consultant anesthetist since February 1998
In joint practice with Dr. med. (MD) M. Layer since October 2010
In joint practice with Dr. med. (MD) M. Layer and Dr. med. (MD) G. Schulz since January 2014

Working in this practice since 2013