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Invisible Correction of Misaligned Teeth

Beautiful, straight teeth are the current trend. This comes as no surprise, as a lovely smile with gleaming, straight teeth is a symbol of attractiveness. Many adults, however, are not happy with their teeth.
Did you ever think about the fact that a more attractive smile could grant you more satisfaction? If you do not want to put up with gaps in your teeth, or with crooked or rotated teeth, then an invisible brace is just the right thing for you.

Transparent, Removable, Comfortable – the Invisible Correction for Visible Success

A large number of types of tooth displacement can be treated with an almost invisible dental brace or ‘aligner’, which is why they are also suitable for adults. With its transparent material, hardly anyone will notice that you are wearing a dental brace at all.

In addition, aligners are removable whenever you wish and so they permit you to eat and drink whatever you want without any restrictions.

HarmonieSchiene Aligner: the Invisible Aligner for Straight Teeth

Many adult patients cannot imagine wearing a fixed, noticeable dental brace. However, there are people who still would like to have straight teeth. Treatment with HarmonieSchiene aligners offers the ideal solution for all those patients.
This aligner therapy is not noticeable and does not obstruct you in your everyday life when talking or laughing. In just a few weeks you can straighten crooked or twisted teeth with it and close those gaps in your teeth that lack esthetic appeal. With the HarmonieSchiene aligner we can offer you not only an effective, but – in contrast to treatments with other splints – also a very much more cost-effective alternative for your teeth.

These are the different steps of aligner therapy using HarmonieSchiene aligners:

  1. Determine the optimum position of your teeth together with us.
  2. The laboratory will prepare the HarmonieSchiene aligner.
  3. You wear the aligner (22 hours/ 4-6 months, thereafter a retainer).

The advantages of the HarmonieSchiene aligners at a glance:

  • Discrete correction of malpositioned teeth, especially for adults
  • No obstructions in your everyday life
  • Short duration of treatment with long-term success
  • Resolves gaps in teeth, twisted or crooked teeth as well as crowded teeth
  • Cost-efficient

Duration and Costs of Treatment with HarmonieSchiene Aligners

Between one and eight HarmonieSchiene aligners are usually required for a corrective treatment. On average the route to straight teeth lasts four months, however in individual cases this may vary between three months and half a year. According to the extent of the aligner therapy, costs can vary between approx. €700 and €3,000. This depends on each individual patient, their wishes, and the initial condition of their teeth.

By the way, the initial consultation for treatment with aligners is naturally free of charge to you.

Look forward to your most attractive smile – just ask us about this.

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