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Stable Teeth Immediately with the ‘SKY Fast & Fixed’ Special Implant System – Fixed Teeth in a Single Day


From a discussion with the dentist, Dr. Jos Z. Gal, a well-known specialist and trainer as well as a certified expert in implantology and member of the German Society for Implantology (DGI) (Dr. Gal’s 5-star practice (for certified service quality), Ubstadt-Weiher, (Germany), specializing in implantology in the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZV) in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and the German Society for Implantology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie, DGI) on the proven treatment concept of immediate fixed and gentle restoration with implants in a single day:

“Patients today desire stable teeth – ideally with an immediate restoration after the surgical procedure without the need to get through lengthy healing times that have to be bridged with (partial) prostheses and without removable dentures or a palatal plate/bar. The possibilities and treatment concepts for this have already been presented on television and in academic magazines, the most popular concept today being the one called ‘Fast & Fixed'”, Dr. Gal tells us.

‘Fast & Fixed’ permits the extraction of teeth, immediate implantation and subsequent immediate dental technical restoration with a fixed bridge after just one procedure. The fixed bridge, which can be prepared by the dental technician immediately after taking an impression, is even inserted on the same day and allows immediate loading – all this in a single day. If desired, procedures can also be completed under anesthesia.

Patient-oriented Treatment

This concept is directed towards patients who will soon become toothless or have already lost all their teeth and who have trouble with full dentures. More than 20,000 satisfied patients testify to the success of this treatment concept.

Developed by Practitioners

Leading implantologists, including Dr. Jos Z. Gal, the owner and head dental physician of the 5-star practice, have long integrated this concept of treatment into their spectrum of implantation treatments. With a complete system for immediate restoration of the toothless jaw, in many cases it is possible to achieve the dream of many patients with this sort of dentition – regardless of whether this is into the lower jaw, the upper jaw, or both at the same time.

Affordable Outcome

Through standardization of the processes making this treatment concept more cost-efficient, it is possible to offer high-quality restorations at an affordable price – and so the investment in a restoration of this kind on average amounts to approx. 1/3 or less of the cost of a classic implant bridge restoration.

If you are interested in an implant, we first of all start with a thorough initial examination. This consists of an X-ray, an extensive consultation including recommendations for treatment with Dr. Gal in person, as well as drawing up and sending you individual recommendations for treatment including an exact overview of costs. Unfortunately, neither the initial examination nor the treatment can be paid for by your statutory health insurance. We charge a fixed sum of 150 Euros for these services which, however, are taken into account at 100% of their value for any subsequent treatment.

In addition, there is the opportunity to pay by instalments in the 5-star practice. We can even offer this service interest-free for 12 months. Just ask us and we will be happy to give you information about an individual financing plan.

Specialist Dental Practice

Dr. Gal & colleagues’ 5-star practice specializes in esthetic as well as functional dentistry by means of implants. A team of over 20 staff look after patient well-being here every day – and this has been the case for more than 25 years.

All steps in the treatment are carried out in our practice – from the initial visit for consultation through implantation right up to alignment of the new teeth. As our guest here you will enjoy excellent service and many advantages, for everything is directed towards patient well-being in one of the most attractive lifestyle practices in Germany (and one which has received multiple awards).

A Tip from Dr. Gal

“To maintain implants over the long term, a consistent program of prophylaxis and suitable auxiliary resources are required for correct oral hygiene.”