Individual Patient Care and Treatment

Our practice team strives to achieve the highest possible patient satisfaction. Our well-informed patients should be treated individually and in the best possible way according to the internationally acknowledged ‘State of the Art’ principle.

Through providing comprehensive patient information, we attempt to create an awareness of “oral health” and to deliver medical services of the highest level of quality. Our commitment likewise includes public projects for promoting healthy teeth.

Our patients can be sure that we are always available for them and that they are being cared for by a dentist they trust.

We complete our work together with a team of staff, who distinguish themselves through their commitment, expert knowledge and skill, competency, friendliness and empathy.

For you this means: first-class service in one of the most attractive lifestyle dental practices in Germany (given an award in 2006 in the specialist dental magazine, ZWP).


Quality Management

We provide high-quality dentistry with certified quality.

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Warranty Passport

We commit to a 3-year guarantee by issuing you our Warranty Passport.

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Dental Technology

You will receive your prosthesis from the hands of German master craftsmen.

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Consultation Hours

You can find information on our visiting hours and business consulting hours here.

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