Bleaching – Tooth Whitening

Clothes make people – teeth make your face.

The harmonious interaction of teeth and gums contribute to an appealing and natural smile. Along with firm, healthy gums, gleaming bright teeth should shine out of the mouth for a smile like this, and make themselves as bright and as white as possible from pink gums.

The Quick Route to a Brilliant Smile

Do you wish you had gleaming white teeth – and as quickly as possible? We will magically put a gleaming white smile on your face in just one hour:

  • Using our gentle and professional special UV tooth-whitening system, your teeth will become markedly whiter and lighter in only one hour.
  • The scientifically and practically proven bleaching method is safe, effective and fast – ideal for anyone who wants to obtain a perfect result immediately.
  • It is practical and comfortable and does not require you to wear trays or strips for days – it works straight away.
  • Stains and discolorations on your teeth will disappear gently and immediately. In this way, you will receive a glowing smile that can last for years with the correct care.

You too can decide to gain greater self-confidence, a better appearance and an impressive smile – you’re worth it. Professional tooth whitening in only one hour.

We shall be happy to tell you all about the options, duration, and cost of tooth whitening.

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A Tip from Dr. Gal

“No scalpels, no heavy bleeding, and fast wound healing – lasers make this possible.”