Dental Prostheses / Prosthetics

The human denture is a unit. Missing teeth are not just esthetically poor and impact on language negatively, in the long-term they also throw other teeth ‘out of equilibrium’ as this leads to an unequal load distribution affecting the whole chewing system. Digestive problems, as well as painful jaw joints and chewing muscles can result as a consequence.

A Natural Smile thanks to Individual Prostheses

The functionality of your dentition can be restored using a removable prosthesis or a fixed restoration (a crown or bridge). A combination of both is also possible, and due to better cleaning possibilities, is usually is also even advantageous.

Implants or telescopic systems are used for such combinations, offering a stable anchor point for various prostheses. Whether one tooth is loose or you are about to lose all your teeth – modern dental technology has a suitable solution ready for you.

Don’t Lower your Sights in terms of Quality and Service

As a general rule: when you smile, your opposite number or partner should not notice your prosthesis. The same is naturally also true for you. No matter which kind of dental prosthesis you wear, the prosthesis or fixed restoration should feel natural and should not restrict you in any way when eating or talking. For this reason, you should value guaranteed high-quality treatment.

You will receive a 3-year guarantee from us (instead of the statutory 2 years) for your prostheses which we prepare. This is recorded in our warranty passport. The condition for claims under warranty is a professional tooth or prosthesis cleaning in our practice at least 1-2 times per year.

A Tip from Dr. Gal

“Ceramics have meanwhile become the standard for prostheses based on their perfect esthetic properties.”