Simply Beautiful and Healthy Teeth

Our slogan ‘Simply beautiful and healthy teeth’ can only be applied in combination with the correct preventive care (prophylaxis). Please also enquire about our Prophylaxis Pass with its bonus system.

Why do we need Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Diseased teeth and inflammations of the gums are not only painful, they also carry a one to three-times higher risk of heart-attacks and strokes. With comprehensive oral hygiene including regular professional cleaning of the teeth the risk of caries and periodontitis can however be minimized.

So why not play safe? For the stable health of your teeth in the long term, the German Dental Association (BZÄK) recommends professional cleaning of the teeth 1-2 times every six months.

Trust the know-how of our expert staff for prophylaxis, because they have made your goal into our goal: healthy, white, and strong teeth as well as firm gums free from inflammation – for a lifetime.

Special Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy in particular, unclean or diseased teeth can have effects on the entire body as the change in hormones brings about an increase in the blood flow to the mucous membranes. The number of bacteria, the inflammation markers, and the risk of an inflammation of the gums and periodontitis increase.

Precisely during this time, we are there for you with selected and gentle treatment methods.

A Tip from Dr. Gal

“Alongside nutrition, regular and correct dental hygiene above all plays a decisive role in the health of your teeth.”